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Hi !

I am Miriam,  simply an Artist.

I live to create and enjoy every kind of Art,

from drawing to singing.

I hope you enjoyed my website.

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Miriam Cutruzzula’  borned in Catanzaro (Italy) 26 September 1996, now she lives in London, the city of innovations.

She made her debut as an artist when was just a child showing good ability in every kind of art from Drawing to Painting, from Crafting to Fashion Designing and from Dancing to Singing.

Miriam gets every kind of art with herself, due to, it is possible to say that she is 360 degrees an artist.

She followed a series of lessons in Italy form her city to Rome and Toscana to study many of the previous disciplines.
She makes experience during the years on her technique with rigorous attention to the details, strictly consistent with the creative mood of her mind.

At the moment Miriam works from Italy to London and she hopes to work soon also in Germany, France and USA.


Painted Shoes and Accessories

Many items are suited to be customized with decorations from shoes to sport items.
The goal of MiriaMaking is to create beautiful items, making her customers happy and showing their personality on the artwork as unique and unrepeatable as their products, in fact, thanks to MiriaMaking’s art simple and anonymous items become an individual wearable artwork  .



Each item has a unique design that is original and handmade and totally reflect the tastes of the customer.

From leather to canvas and from simple drawings to creations and DIY (balloon art, puppets and more over) everyone can ask MiriaMaking to make them a special item, although, these products are perfect as gifts for people of all ages from your kids to your friends and form your partner to yourself.

Colour your life by colouring your favourite items with MiriaMaking’s art and enjoy them fully because they are more than just simple items; they are dreams and passion; they are wearable art!

Fashion design

Miriam studied for two years Fashion Design in Italy where elegance and high quality clothes are produced.

Sometimes it is hard to find the perfect dress with the colour and the size that you need, then, MiriaMaking can help you!


We can create your customized dress exactly how you want it. You can request only your customize drawn model dress or you can either ask us to find a great seamstress ready to make your dress.

We can recommend you what colour and fabric the dress should be to become the perfect handmade dress that you wish!

(The dresses in the pictures have been made thanks to the help of our seamstress Mrs A. Mancaruso)

Make-up Artist

Make-up is very important for everyone.

It is in our routine, from the life of every woman to fashion magazines and theatres, thus, it is a different and essential art.


Miriam loves to do simple every-day make-up, ceremonial make-up or scenic make-ups combining creativity with beauty.

You can choose to either have her use your cosmetics or for her to use her own cosmetics that are of each brand from Kiko Milan to Lo’real Paris.

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