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Imperial – Handmade Crochet Top 2 in 1 – Gold Collection


‘Imperial’ is a limited edition Boutique piece and is part of our special Gold Collection.

High quality cotton cords combine in this special handmade red top 2 in 1 (shoulders ON-OFF) with military gold buttons.

Imperial is an original MiriaMaking design and it is a tailor-made piece, which means it has been designed for a particular person or purpose. Please, Contact Us if you would like a tailor-made item.

With Imperial, you will also receive its story and a quality certificate stating all materials, hours of work and ‘date of birth’. At MiriaMaking, we love to create original pieces with their own story and we love to share those with their future owners.

Please, notice at MiriaMaking we work ‘on demand’, meaning that as we will receive your order, we will proceed creating your item (n. days depending on the size). Please notice, shipping days are not under MiriaMaking’s control and may vary depending on your country location.

All products on our page are custom products, therefore, we are able to recreate any work in different colors, sizes and designs. If you would like to have a custom piece, please, CONTACT US by email or by Instagram/Facebook.

Original just as you are!


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